EXPOSED! MMM Top Guilder Reveals Why MMM Nigeria is Failing After Resumption

by BobbyT 0

An MMM particiP@nt who invested N100,000 has noted that the freezing of accounts in December was the biggest mistake it made.

The accounts of particiP@nts were temporarily frozen in December 2015 and although it announced its return on January 13, particiP@nts are complaining that they have not received help.

The particiP@nt said he by making it impossible for people to provide help in December, the scheme killed itself.

The mistake was frozen of account December. The truth is people were still PHing even at December and people still have trust in them. The media were speculating that they will crash December and that was the same December they had to frozen account.

If you remember a betting site placed an odd of 1.70 that MMM will crash December. Many people bet on it that it won’t crash. The owner of the betting site made a lot of money from it.

My money 100k+ is in MMM too. But I have moved on since December after I saw my account is frozen.

MMM is just trying their luck to revive the system. Yes some will get their money if it’s not much. But believe me it’s a matter of weeks MMM will fold up, and pls if your money is in the system do not PH, be wise.


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