Facebook Celebrity Who Specializes in Lying and Conning People Exposed (See Photos)

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       Isong Idaresit lied to her friends about her life and deceived them


An alleged conwoman who used her ‘Facebook celebrity status’ to lie and defraud people has finally been exposed after her friends asked her to change.

A self-styled Facebook celebrity has been disgraced after friends discovered she lived a fake life. Isong Idaresit was loved by many people because of her good writing and command of English.
She was always showing off her push life, and told friends that she was married, lived with her husband in Lekki and had kids. At some point, she told her followers on Facebook that she was a bank manager and a lawyer.
But, things have taken a strange twist after her friends, tired of her bad ways decided to go public. They had asked her to stop her lies, deception and fraudulent ways but she was adamant to lose her celebrity status on Facebook. But, all that came crashing after her friends exposed her and forced her to confess and beg for forgiveness.
The shocking confession has left many people on Facebook wondering how such a woman could be all shades of deception. The mess of what she did has been circulated on social media with odious smell.
In an emotion-starved apology, she wrote through a Facebook user, Nnamdi Victor:
“I write this with no tears in my eyes, but with happiness and courage in my heart that i finally gathered myself to write this. Read this carefully as I believe you will pick some learning points.
Those whom have been following me for the last 6 months or there about can attest to me saying this always….
Someday the past would come calling, i await it. Someday scandals would arise, i patiently await it as I am mentally up to the task. Am not perfect, in short if you hear, see or know half of my previous life flaws, you’ll stay away from me. you’ll run off me”. Frankly speaking.
Hmmmm I guess my former sins have come calling…. The last few days have been quite challenging for my family and i. I used to lie a lot, it became so part of me. I practically lived in it. The lies remade me to swim in fakeness and abode in guilt I used to steal a lot, call me a “former kleptomaniac” I’ll accept the name.
Am not one of those whom will say ” let he who is without sin cast the stone”. In short, if you have stones cast all on me, as I still have some imperfections I am working on. if killing me will make you all happy, am ready to die. If paying a blog to publish my theft story will create peace again, please go ahead. cause right now i feel bad that i betrayed the trust left with me.
Painting and shading my wrongs ain’t the hurt, but replicating with addition of things that didn’t happen is the hurt in it all. Am sure you wondering what am talking about. Guess my past has come calling and social media is the target.
I have begged, pleaded and apologized, but instead many stories are just pumping out of no where. Some stories still amuse me at which or what generated it. Some of the stories i wonder how they created it. I hope at the end of this week, we ll be able to understand the achievement you’ll make from it all after the story is well published . A WhatsApp group was created recently without my knowledge concerning this matter, if not my cousin who was coincidentally added. Am the reason for the creation of that group.
I humbly await every stone that’ll be cast on me in the next few days or weeks to come.
My mother has been insulted, my family has been ridiculed, my happiness have been battered with, a lot, by those “friends” who knew my past. I have accepted my wrongs years ago, I’ll strengthen myself to continue the journey of life with those who still believe in me.
This is my life, my journey, my story. 
Am not ashamed of it.”
See screenshots of how her friends exposed her on Facebook below:
Credit: LailasBlog


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