“I will remarry when I find true love” – Tonto Dikeh says in new interview

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Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, was a guest at the unveiling ceremony of the 2017 African Children Talent Discovery Foundation, Unleash Your Talent.

In the interview, the mother-of-one spoke about her ‘Born Again Status’, and other issues.

PT: Why are you passionate about the African Children Talent Discovery Foundation’s quest to discover young talents in Nigeria?

Tonto: My involvement in a talent show such as this is something I am very proud of.

I am passionate about this cause because many talented Nigerian children will benefit a lot from it.

As we all know, often times it’s very difficult to access the industry.

PT: Why do you regret not having a mentor early on in your career?

Tonto: Entertainment is not an easy path for anyone to tow because it can kill you, make you or destroy you.

As an entertainer, I will say welcome to any fresh talent because there is no limit to what he or she can do with a talent.

PT: You have made so much noise about your foundation in the recent.

Tonto: The Tonto Dikeh Foundation has been doing a lot recently.

‘ We all know that in our prisons, some people are on the death row but some others don’t seem to a have a means of survival for when they regain freedom.

Tonto: My foundation is very broad and when I was starting out, the focus was domestic violence, rape victims and physically abused women.

Being a mother and an advocate for God just broadens my purview.

So my foundation is down for anything that will make the woman race better for it.

Tonto: Like I said earlier, the Tonto Dikeh foundation is a big one.

We have sponsors and people who key into our vision and run with us.

PT: Does this mean that your acting career has taken the back seat?

Tonto: I was off the scene for a long time but I retuned with a bang.

Tonto: I have shot a film in a day, in the past but not any longer.

Tonto: Well, firstly I am born again and when you have God, you just radiate.

So all the glow is from within; you don’t fake God’s glow.

You also can’t fake God’s glory because it overwhelms you.

I don’t know how to say what I want to say but when God steps into a situation or your life he elevates you and makes you see things in a different light.

PT: Do you plan to set up a church or become an evangelist?

Tonto: Yes I will, before I became an entertainer I was close to becoming an evangelist but I backslid.

PT: You go the extra length when it comes to your son.

Tonto: I heard motherhood is difficult but I think my son and I share a special kind of love that makes everything easy.

The love and the grace of God is sufficient for both of us.

Tonto: I thought I could never live outside Lagos because I thought everything outside Lagos was too slow.

PT: Do you think you can regain your privacy again?

Tonto: I have always been a very private person and anything that people say about me is what they want to make up.

No one truly knows me, no one knows what I eat or don’t eat.

No one knows me and the only thing about me that is being made public is what I post on social media.

Are some of the backlashes you have received on social media lately a result of your being born again?

Tonto: Well, even if I wasn’t born again, they will still come for me.

When God prepares you in a different kind of way, I can fight my battles on my own strength.

PT: Following your new status as a child of God, will you remarry or reconcile with your estranged husband?

Tonto: Love is a beautiful thing and love is exquisite.

Of course, I will remarry once I find true love.


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