“Maje Ayida Has Never Set Eyes On Our Son” – Maje Ayida’s First Baby Mama, Crystal cries out

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Becoming’ has two sons from two different women. His very first baby mama’s name is Crystal Cunningham.

In an exclusive interview with LIB, Cunningham said the 44 year old fitness trainer has never met their son, Ajani, in person.

Read below;

In Cunningham’s words; “He has never seen Ajani in person, but that’s another story”

When asked about the nature of her relationship with Maje, She said; “To be honest, there isn’t much to tell other than exactly what I wrote. Every year for my son’s birthday, I do a post giving thanks for his life. It may seem new on your end as you guys are now knowing about me but on my end the reality has always been that I am a single parent. It’s never been a secret…at least not from where I stand. I proudly take care of my little boy. He gives me so much strength and motivation to achieve and accomplish so much.


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