Namibians boycott Omarion’s concert after he didn’t show up for a Press Conference (Photos)

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American singer Omarion‘s concert in Namibia was a no-show as Namibians reportedly boycotted the event

 The singer was billed to perform at the Independence Stadium in Windhoek on Friday. He was however supposed to show up for a press conference earlier in the day but his manager claimed he was exhausted from his flight and could not meet with the press anymore.

On getting to the venue of the concert later on that night, well, it’s better shown than explained. See below:


South African media personality Phil Mphela had the lowdown on what really happened:

Omarion later went ahead to put on a show for the few people that actually came out, putting up a video on his Twitter account with the caption “As long as you had a good time. ✨😇 ”


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