Read The Things a Man Will Do if He is Ready To Marry You

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It is quite pathetic seeing many beautiful single women in the society. They keep flocking around men who do not deserve them because they want to get married at all cost.
In this present age and time, a lot of pressure is being put on the women who are assumed to be of age and are unmarried. The society by default expects the women to end up in some men’s houses tending to their needs and syncing their existence with theirs.
Whatever your opinions are about that, we will not be delving into it as it is most likely to spark controversial flames. It could be pretty boring being alone without having a male company. This is what leads many people into relationships in the first place.
Loneliness can kill; there are lots of people who dread being alone as they cannot stand the deafening silence that screams at them. It is general knowledge that many relationships fail because people go into it for the wrong reasons.
As bewildered as many that are heartbroken are, they fail to ask themselves important questions they ought to ask when venturing into an affair. They fail to see the warning signs as they often get carried away by the euphoria of the romance.
Women should be more sensitive; they should learn how to read moods and situations as it will help them avoid the general pitfalls in relationships.
Here are the basic things a man will do if he is ready to marry you:
1. When he gets a job
No matter how long you have been dating a man, he may not be able to marry you if he does not have a job. This is simply logical; a man will keep you for as long as possible if he does not have anything doing. This is a win-win situation for him.
He can enjoy the benefits that comes with having a girlfriend who will do everything possible for him without him doing much.
2. When he loves himself
Dating could be very funny. People fail to see the things they ought to see while they are it. They blindly wait for a marriage that may never happen if they do not change their views about certain things.
You will know a man is ready to marry you if he loves himself and knows his responsibilities. A man that does not know when to do things for himself may not be able to take care of your needs as a woman.
3. When he has a life plan
If you want to be sure a man is ready to marry you, then you will have to examine his own plans for life. There are some men that set goals for themselves. They will not get married until they have some of the things they desire.
Instead of tagging along and wasting your time, try and get into his head to know where you stand on that list. As soon as most of his desires tick, you may start to hear wedding bells.
4. When he gives up partying and clubbing
Depending on where you see yourself in the nearest future, a man who parties hard and club may not be able to take you far. A man who is strong willed and focused will help you build your dream home.
It is imperative for one to play once in a while in order to keep the body and soul together. However, a man who sees the club as his second home may not be ready to marry you as there will be lots of distractions.
5. When he has God in him
You can be sure the man you have been dating for a while will marry you if he has God in him. Having the fear of God will help him deal with you in a fair and just way.
You can tag this faith building; if his level of faith is impressive, then you can be sure your affair will end in marriage. This is because him loving God will help him to love those around him.
6. When he has something worthwhile saved in his account
One thing that makes men feel like it is time to get married is when they have enough money in their accounts. There is nothing as reassuring as the comfort that comes with knowing you have money in your account.
A man that has everything going on for him will not hesitate to pick a wife when the time is right. In this part of the world, money is a determining factor if marriage is to be considered.


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