This is why best people FAIL with AMAZING GRACE.

by BobbyT 0

A friend called and said he had a terrible day.

Everything that could go wrong – did go wrong.

Systems crashed, his best salesperson resigned, a client refused to renew, his employees got very upset, etc

He said why did he take this responsible job in the first place.

I said –

“All your problems of today tell me how far you have come.

You were recently promoted for your achievement and contributions. You saved clients from leaving, you saved jobs of your employees. Most important, everyone knows how much you care about them.

Life always offers a 2nd chance. It is called tomorrow.

You will come in tomorrow and fix everything. Because you are REALLY good at what you do.”

I called him next day.

He said he closed his biggest sale ever, the salesperson who resigned changed his mind. And he got a call from Fortune magazine that he will be featured in their 40 under 40 list.

If you believe that the best is yet to come, it will.


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