You might have dated or kissed him, but I don’t give a fcuk, he’s still mine – Actor Kunle Afod’s wife declares

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Nollywood Actor Kunle Afod’s wife Desola, in a beautiful photo she shared on her Instagram page has slammed those who think they can steal her husband, because they’ve kissed or had a relationship with him in the past.

According to Desola, she doesn’t ‘give fcuk’, as her husband is still hers. Here’s what she wrote;


❤️We Fight … He is Still Mine👫
💛We Argue .. He is still Mine👨❤️💋
💙You might have dated him or kissed him ..BUT He is still mine😍💞
💜You might have gotten Some of His time..But He is still mine👌🏿👌🏿
💚We might not talk for a Couple of Days ,He is still mine😍😘
💟Yeah,He might have given you 👎🏿 Something to brag about But He is still mine😂💕💕
💖At the end of the Day , I don’t give a fuck cos He’s still Mine. He’s my Boo💞😍😘
I can’t love him less ❤❤❤
My Man Crush Forever💝
❣They might be looking for my mistakes.. But He doesn’t Care💞 and He is still Mine💋😍😘
Can’t Love You Less ,❤ #fonecamera#dede#stilltherealus#🆒


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