3 Healthy Reasons To Drink Water Early In The Morning

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Studies show drinking water first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) helps cleanse the internal organs and for World Water Day it’s important to note the health functions it comes with.
It’s known to especially cleanse the colon ensuring nutrients are easily absorbed in foods which helps the overall digestive system and works to help keep the kidney functioning smoothly as well.

Drinking warm water is also a great way to detoxify the body/remove impurities which in return reduces skin blemishes leaving the skin visibly smooth, soft and nourished and with regular water It’s best to take warm water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach as well.
It’s important to drink clean water which keeps one at risk of typhoid, cholera and more to keep the body in top shape and it’s important to start off first thing in the morning and over the course of the day drink up to eight glasses at least to flush out toxins amongst other functions.
See three ways why drinking water (normal and warm) early in the morning helps the body function well:

  1. Gets rid of constipation
    Drinking water first thing in the morning (and best on an empty stomach) helps make bowel movement very easy. Constipation comes with a lot of discomfort including being bloated, indigestion and more but when the day is started off with a clean glass of clean water, the body digests food better eliminating bloating and constipation.
  2. Water helps flush out toxins
    Drinking water first thing in the morning helps improve digestion, detoxifies and help cleanse the organs (from inside out). When there’s enough fluid in the body, food is broken down easily in the stomach and the organs are stimulated the right way.

  3. It’s a great way to lose weight!
    Drinking water regularly and first thing in the morning studies say helps with weight loss and keep away excessive weight gain.

source: Pulse


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