5 Ways To Keep Your Kidney Healthy

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Your kidneys are vital organs that function mainly as filters and, therefore, have a big impact on fluid and electrolyte balance, blood pressure regulation, urine creation, red blood cell production and energy levels.

Symptoms of kidney dysfunction and disease include edema puffiness, high blood pressure, lethargy lack of energy, shortness of breath, confusion, back pain and abnormal heart rhythms. Maintaining healthy kidney function is usually a combination of stopping certain harmful behaviors along with adopting some beneficial habits.

Your kidneys are the organs in charge of filtering, absorbing, and reabsorbing water, salt, and ions in your body. Since they are the ones that clean toxic residue from your blood, they are the most important organs in your urinary system.

Below are tips to keeping your kidney healthy

1. Eat A Healthy Diet

Uncurbed consumption of high-fat and high-sugar foods make your kidneys work overtime because these foods overload your body with toxins. The result of this accumulation of toxins is that your kidneys must work harder than they should to keep your body clean. It’s also important to keep your cholesterol levels under control. People with high cholesterol tend to have kidney problems and serious problems if they already have kidney failure

Therefore it is vital to keep these foods out of your diet if you want healthy kidneys. Eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats.

2. Avoid Taking So Much Medication

Consuming too much over-the-counter medication can be harmful to your renal health. Excessive anti-inflammatories and pain-relievers cause kidney damage, along with other consequences that can be irreversible. Drugs, whether legal or illegal, cause many problems in your kidneys and other organs. That’s because they contain toxins that enter your body and interfere without doing any good.

We’re not saying not to ever take medication or run away from the occasional beer. But you should indeed avoid excesses and be sure to drink enough water to keep your kidneys safe.

3. Avoid Eating Too Much Salt

Salt is standard in practically everything we cook and eat. However, that doesn’t mean you should abuse it, because that will keep you from having healthy kidneys.

In fact, since salt is in everything you eat, you should be extra careful not to have too much. When you eat too much salt, you’re making your kidneys work overtime. If you consume more than you’re able to expel, kidney stones will show up in no time. You must also limit your consumption of high-salt food like, Fast food, Soda,Frozen food

4. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Since your kidneys are in charge of expelling toxins through your urine, they require good fluid intake, especially water. The great majority of kidney problems are the product of dehydration.

However, many people get bored of drinking water. If this is you, we recommend two or three glasses a day of a healthy drink like hibiscus water. The rest of the two liters of water a day that is recommended should be natural, regular water. If you live in a hot climate or do a lot of physical activity, you may need to increase your hydration a bit to recuperate the fluids you lose by sweating and keep your kidneys healthy.

5. Moderate Your Consumption Of Protein And Dairy

Your body is like a machine where any excess can cause serious problems.Eating too much protein or dairy is associated with getting kidney stones and unhealthy kidneys.

Kidney stones are created when too much calcium, oxalate, and phosphorus build up in your kidneys.If the kidney stone is small, it can be broken down and expelled through your urinary tract. If it is bigger than the urinary tract, however, it usually requires an operation.


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