6 Common Things That Trigger Migraine

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Migraine is a common but painful headache but these seemingly insignificant things trigger and make it worse…

Migraines are painful headache and happen usually on one side of the head.
With migraine, there is usually a trigger from stress to hormones, environment and so on with studies revealing they occur more in women than men (with women at almost approximately 75%!)
Migraine can cause a temporary stop to activities as sometimes they affect the ability to perform otherwise simple tasks.

Migraine gets aggravated by different things and these common ones are sure triggers:

  1. Stress
    Stress is the most common trigger of migraine. Just like it’s become a common cause of headache. Periodic breaks should be taken when working hard or there’s a bit of overworking oneself.
    If your daily work is a ‘stressful’ one also make sure to check blood pressure often to keep the body in check.
  2. Some foods
    Some foods trigger migraine. If you get bad cases of migraine often and stress is out as a cause, go easy on processed meat, chocolates, cheese and red wine as these foods are known to cause migraine!

  3. Not enough sleep
    Not getting enough sleep/quality rest (through sleep) are sure ways to have migraine. To tackle this, get hours of quality sleep everyday to help the body relax and prepare for new daily activities.
    Not getting enough sleep can trigger migraine (Filed)

  4. Caffeine
    Caffeine is a major cause of migraine. A lot of people are dependent on coffee (caffeine) to power the body through stress and this can form a habit that will do the body less than more good.
    Go easy on caffeine if you have constant case of migraine.

  5. Hormonal changes
    Hormonal imbalances/changes can cause migraine. This can happen as a result of drug side effects or conditions where this is the case expert help is best sought.

  6. Lights
    Unusually bright and flashing lights are major causes of migraine, as much as possible where not necessary keep the shutters down to keep out unnecessarily bright rays of light.

source: Pulse


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