If Your Guy Has These Top Habits, Marry Him Before You Lose Him to Another Girl

by BobbyT 0

Every relationship eventually reaches a point of no return; that point you always ask yourself “Is this a long term relationship? Is this relationship going to fizzle out soon? Can I spend the rest of my life with this guy? while it might be hard at times to answer those questions but the trick is to work out his fundamentals, his values because that is who he is at his core and that’s what you want to know to answer those questions.
Below are some habits of a Good guy and if he does those things know that is value system is intact and when it’s time you can start talking about the future.
“He supports you in everything that you do, even when you don’t need a pep-talk, he gives you one anyway”.
“Gives you complete emotional support and security and you feel safe around him all the time”.
“He takes initiative, plans dates, surprises you and makes sure that you feel like a priority”.
“Even when he’s angry, he still treats you with respect”.
“He takes care of himself, he has a job, a place to live, and can handle his own responsibilities”.
“He goes down on you as much as you go down on him and he likes it”.
“He listens and understands where you’re coming from, when you talk to him you feel like you’re talking to your partner, not a brick wall”.
“You’re constantly being told how appreciated you are”.
“He has healthy relationships with his friends and his family and he respects them and cherishes their opinion, just as he does with you”.
“He makes you laugh all the time”.
“He tells you he loves you all the time and shows it”.
“You feel like you have a best friend”.
“He is your biggest fan”.
“He talks to you about his feelings, emotions, and basically everything else”.
“He’s able to talk about the future with you openly because you’re someone who’s going to be in his future”.


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