10 Everyday Items Many Nigerians Use Wrongly (Photos)

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Have you ever wondered why certain things are where they are?

Take for example I’ve seen one too many Nigerian use the bobby hair pin wrongly, myself inclusive. One time I also saw someone try to use the side holes on his sneakers for extra shoelace loop.

A lot of us are pretty much guilty on the examples cited above. Plus there’s so much more. Someone once said, “If you want to hide anything from an African, put it in a book.”

We rarely read manuals on how to get the best out of things we use every day. Listed below are 10 hidden features of everyday items you probably didn’t know its use.

1. Holes At The Side Of Your Converse Sneakers

They’re there for ventilation. Most people assume they are extra loopholes for a tighter fit using shoelaces.


Image: CoDesign


2. Extra Fabric Samples With B.uttons On Clothes

They are sample materials to help you test different detergents to know which one works best for that material. You don’t want to use a detergent that will fade the colours of your clothes.


Image: HyperFeeds


3. Hole On The Tip Of A Measuring Tape

It’s to help you secure the tape to a nail or screw for accurate measurement.


Image: ViralOnNet


4. Zigzag On Bobby Pin

I’ve personally used this the wrong way. The zigzag side of the bobby pin is the bottom which helps hold the hair in place.


Image: Zadidol


5. Holes On Rulers

For ease of hanging.


Image: Lighthouse Educational Resource


6. Hole Behind An iPhone

It’s a microphone when using the back camera.


Image: LifeBuzz


7. Blue Side Of An Eraser

It’s for cleaning stronger and thicker papers.


Images: APenchantForPaper


8. Indentation On TicTac Containers

They serve as dispensers.


Image: FlipFlopFlying


9. Arrow Beside The Gas Tank Signal

The triangular arrow helps you know what side your tank is. I never knew that!


Image: 1000AmazingThings


10. Spike On Lid Of Drug Tube

It’s used to pierce through the openings of new drugs.


Image Source: Barnorama

Ask a few friends how some of the enlisted items above are used and get hilarious answers. Don’t forget to share if it helped you.


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