Boko Haram frustrations and beggarly posturing

by BobbyT 0

Mallam Fatori, Gujba, Konduga, Giwa, Abuja or Kano among others.
More to insurgents sorrow, Boko Haram insurgents recount with deepening displeasure the curtailed laxity to foist their insignia in captured territories under Nigerian sovereignty, where they dethroned traditional rulers. And thereafter, mockingly release on Youtube videos footage of threats and obscene pictures of the heinous crimes they have committed against humanity. They are powerless to attack military formations, which was their favorite past time before May 2015.
While terrorists have been absolutely decapitated and the few survivors have taken the “wise” decision of fleeing Nigeria; the agents are more pained at the stark reality of the termination of terrorism in the country. These soulless agents and sponsors are extremely vexed at the abrupt termination of the “business” of terrorism and the treasures they savoured when the ignominious and reprehensible crime of terrorism festered.
Like their terrorists foot-soldiers, these agents and sponsors are angered about the sudden end of the feasting on the blood of the innocent in Nigeria. Their spirit is more dampened with the preparedness of the Nigerian army as reflected in their Operation Crackdown, in the Northeast to crush any remnant of insurgency. And there is no hope that the reign of terror would ever germinate anywhere in the country again.

So, the agents are pulling the last strings to emptily reassure insurgents, through fake news of renewed terror attacks mainly to create fear and cause confusion. This is after these agents have failed to convince runaway terrorists to resume their usual atrocities, having been completely scared to the pants by the military.
But unfortunately, these terrorists agents and sponsors have also laughably famished fresh ideas to prosecute a war they held dear to their hearts. And they have resorted to old tricks and weak antics in the desire to animate a dead war or give it the semblance of enlivenment. They have resurrected to the cyberspace terrorism war against Nigeria. They scheme to rubbish the prevailing peace and rebuilding process in the Northeast by circulating in the media fake news about Boko Haram terrorists fresh exploits. Social media platforms are used to irregularly publish awful, but fake figures of terrorists’ strikes in the Northeast, to feign an imagined strength of insurgents.
But it is hardly making any sense or impact anymore to anybody, as most discerning Nigerians who observed them over time, noticed the fakeness and now gleefully ignore their doomed propaganda. Funnily, terrorist agents and sponsors have forgotten this soon how the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusufu Buratai, the ombudsman of the counter-insurgency campaigns detected the cyberspace aspect of the Boko Haram terrorism war quite early in the day. Buratai know the nuances of such wars and never spared any opening to happenstance.
Measures were not only hatched to counter terrorists’ vile propaganda, but the Nigerian Army through its Directorate of Public Relations also outclassed terrorists in the field of cyberspace terror war. American Secretary of State, Mr. Rex Tillerson, applauded Nigeria for the adoption of this approach recently when he met with about 68 countries of the world to dialogue on strategies to end terrorism in the world. He emphasized fighting of terrorists very hard on the cyberspace like in the battlefield.
In Nigeria, the army public relations pointedly outsmarted these terrorists’ agents and the admission of defeat by insurgents is the aggregation of these variables and dimensions of the war manifest in the triumph of Nigerian troops nay Nigerian masses.
Therefore, it is inconsequential to relapse into the known and dismantled or countered strategy of cyberspace terrorism hypes. Unfortunately for terrorists, communication has been simplified and made easier. Nigerians independently verify such reports on same social media platforms, only to discover their fakery and none is panicked or unperturbed by it. In addition, Nigerians have vested unshakeable trust in the competence and reliability of the Nigerian Army to confront and subdue insurgents within or externally in the case of any emergency.
– Raheem is a security strategist and contributed this piece from Barnawa, Kaduna State.


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