chicken pan pie is the easy meal you need in your life right now

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It’s chock-full of lean white meat chicken, stuffed with hearty vegetables, and topped with a flaky crust. What more could you want?

We’ve got a guy who works for Men’s Health online named Barry. Barry’s a heck of a guy—always on top of his game.
Barry’s also the kind of guy who’s always talking about food in the office. To give you a better understanding, here are a few topics of culinary conversation Barry has put forth within the last month.

*The benefits of eating turkey-cranberry sandwiches pre-Thanksgiving.
*The differences and similarities between a soup and a stew.
*The tenants of a legendary cheesesteak.
*The uniqueness of high school cafeteria pizza.
*That very few things are bad with a fried egg on top and that McDonald’s should put an egg on top of a Big Mac and call it an Egg Mac.
*Meat pies.

That last point is an important one. Barry’s neighbor had offered him some homemade meat pies (no, this isn’t an euphemism), and Barry was astounded by their deliciousness.
I later asked Barry: “Barry, if I told you that you could make a meat pie in a pan, what would you say?”
Barry: “I’d say that I didn’t believe you.” And: “But you’re probably going to tell me that I have to buy a book to find out.”
Well, Barry, believe it.
This recipe for chicken pan pie has it all. It’s chock-full of lean white meat chicken. It’s stuffed with hearty vegetables. It’s topped with a flaky crust of puffed pastry. If you want to put a fried egg on top, I won’t hold you back.
And this one’s on me.
But, seriously, buy the book.

Chicken Pan Pie from A Man, A Pan, A Plan:


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