Facebook User Blasts Nigerian Politicians After Trump Meets 20% Of His Campaign Promises In Just 4 Days

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A Nigerian in the U.S has blasted Nigerian Politicians after U.S New President meets 20% of his Campaign promises in just 4 days..
He blasted Nigerian Politicians over the 7 Agenda they have been unable to work and also the
Failed Vision 2020 that has been on Manneqiun challenge .
Read what he posted below:-
In as much as I am not a fan of the Donald, you have to give the man some credit. He swung into action immediately after his inauguration. He has already fulfilled almost 20% of his campaign promises; Pulling America out of its two biggest trade deals (NAFTA and TPP) , limit abortion funding overseas, freeze non-military federal hiring, A regulatory freeze of Obamacare and working with republicans and democrats alike for a replacement plan, He even met with business leaders today to talk about tax cuts for the middle class as well as re-emphasizing border taxes for companies thinking of exporting American jobs.
Now let us go back to Nigeria, ordinary 7 point agenda has been on mannequin challenge for more than a decade. Vision 2020 nko? it was suspended indefinitely. No committee report, No feed backs, No lessons learnt. Instead it is Business as Usual. Now we are talking about a new narrative (Vision 2030).
Our obsession with the drama and intrigue of politics has relegated discourse on policy and national development to the background.



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