Family of South African Man Helped him clean up after he murdered and Burnt Karabo

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The alleged killer of 22-year-old South African Girl, Karabo Mokoena’s, Sandile Mantsoe has appeared in court today after he was arrested yesterday for the brutal murder of his girlfriend, Karabo.

According to new revelations in court today, Karabo’s father, Tshepo Mokoena says Sandile’s family was seen on CCTV cleaning the apartment where he murdered her and leaving with a linen.

Sandile Mantsoe will remain in custody and his bail application will be heard on 24th May.

“You are going to burn in hell‚” one woman from the court gallery shouted as he was led back to the holding cells of the court during a short adjournment. Mantsoe appeared unfazed as he headed out.

Mokoena’s family seemed emotional when they saw him appear from the cells. A woman dressed in black shook her head as her eyes filled with tears.

Since yesterday that the story broke, it has been trending and generating lots of reaction from people online.





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