joy Behar Defends bill Maher saying The N phrase due to the fact He Hates Trump

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Comedians Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher both came under fire last week after they crossed the line in grotesque attempts to be funny. Kathy Griffin posed with our president’s decapitated head, and Bill Maher carelessly dropped the “n-word” on live television. And yet somehow, Joy Behar feels compelled to defend them.

“Bill Maher is one of the good guys in this fight against Trump right now,” Behar said in a recent segment. “I believe that he is anyways, and I feel like, you know, not to deflect from what he said because he already apologized, but Donald Trump and his people that ran his real estate agent, they actually practice racism. They discriminated against black people in housing. To me, that is a much more egregious sin that saying any kind of word. You know. To me.”

Whoopi Goldberg stayed surprisingly silent on the matter—even as Behar argued that there is a ‘new media conspiracy’ against comedians.

“Let’s not lose perspective about comedians and words and things that comedians are saying because there seems to be this assault on comedians, and in the Kathy Griffin case, which I think you’re going to bring up, there is a lot of overkill going on right now,” Behar continued. “Okay, she made a mistake, she did something stupid, she said she’s sorry and now they’re piling on her like she’s Charles Manson. Get over it.”

We’re sure Behar would be singing a very different tune if either of these comedians were Republican.


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