Lady exposes man who raped her friend, shares whatsapp conversation they had after he raped her.

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A Twitter user has sent a story of how her friend was raped by her Boss to Subdeliveryman on Twitter. The Man named Robert allegedly forced the lady to have sex with him.

Read The Story Below:

Hi, a friend of mine was raped by her boss, she didn’t report the matter but its likely the guy will do it again, so we want to call him out. His handle is @princewil5656 he raped her sometime in February. Below is the Full Story:

She works at a bar, closes late and her estate gate was already locked so she wanted to take a room cos the bar had a lodge he told her not to, that it wasn’t safe that he had 3 bedrooms in his flat she’d stay in one, she agreed, when she got there he took her to his own room, told her to change and feel free that he was going clubbing.

She did, she woke up to him coming back then he jumped in the same bed as her, she asked if he was going to sleep there he said yes then she went to the floor and started touching her, she begged him to stop he refused, then she started insulting him and then he beat the shit out of her. She screamed but there was no way, and he kept beating her, so she just lost the fight in her.

She also shared a whatsapp conversation her friend had with her boss after he raped her. See Below:



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