See The Meaning of “SNEH” By Olamide (Photos/Video)

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What is the meaning of sneh? Do you know? Read about it here.


Having seen Olamide’s video for song Lagos Boys, more and more people begin to ask each other what is the meaning of ‘sneh’.

What is the meaning of sneh by Olamide?

Olamide has responded to all persistent attempts to find out the meaning of such strange word.

However, to the regret of so many Nigerians, Olamide didn’t give the exact explanation, he just said that ‘sneh’ is supposed to be an unusual slang word in Nigeria. He also mentioned that the word isn’t the one which people use on a daily basis.

What is the meaning of sneh in Olamide’s song?

The video is full of luxurious helicopters, yachts, gangs, affluent boys etc. So, maybe the meaning of sneh is connected with wealth?

Though so many Nigerians can’t sit silent, they begin to discuss this topic on different forums and blogs, some of them share the results of their searches. Have a look at possible meanings of ‘sneh’:

– Love and affection;

– Intelligence;

– Sweet;

– Hyping;

– Relationship;

All in all, see what we have found out:


C-NAIR or close to such;


It is a junk word to fill in the speech. It is frequently used when Olamide has run out of words and this way he creates this meaningless word.

So, watch his video called Lagos Boys and try to understand or guess the meaning of such teaser word. Share with us your opinion.


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