Trouble in Anambra Kingdom as Kingmakers Dethrone Prominent Traditional Ruler in Awka…Find Out Why

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                                                                        Obi Gibson Nwosu

The traditional ruler of Awka kingdom, Obi Gibson Nwosu, has been officially dethroned by the Council of Kingmakers on Sunday after an announcement at a press conference.

The Awka Council of Kingmakers in Anambra State, on Sunday, announced the dethronement of the traditional ruler of Awka Kingdom, Obi Gibson Nwosu.
According to ThisDay, the council listed alleged violation of the community’s constitution perpetrated by the monarch as part of the reasons for his removal.
They accused him of violating the Traditional Rulers’ Amended Constitution for Awka 1986; as well as Code of Conduct which he reportedly signed in January 1, 2000 after he was crowned.
At a press conference attended by the members of Awka Council of Kingmakers held at the Obu of the Chairman of Awka Council of Kingmakers in Umuogbu Awka, Ozo Obuora Essell, the council said the action took place on  April 14, 2017 in liaison with the Ndichie Awka.
In a statement signed by the Secretary of the council, Chief Emmanuel C.G. Okechukwu and its Chairman, Ozo Obuora Essell, it also announced the Head of Ozo Awka as the Regent in accordance with the 1986 constitution of Awka pending the election and installation of new Ezeuzu Awka.
The statement read, “Dr Gibson Nwosu was dethroned after he failed to come to defend himself from numerous acts of his violation of the Code of Conduct signed by him on January 1, 2000, after he was crowned.

“Some of the allegations further violated the Traditional Rulers Amended Constitution for Awka Town 1986; and some of these vices are: Violating the grounds of his pardon by Awka People after he did “Osu na Nkiti for his previous transgressions.”
Reacting, the dethroned monarch, Nwosu, dismissed the group, saying that they have no such powers to remove him.
He said the group were not the authentic kingmakers. “They are not the kingmakers of Awka and have no powers to remove me. We have the authentic kingmakers,” he said.


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