Update on 18-year-old lady who went missing from her home in Kano

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Two days ago, we reported on 18-year-old Hafsat Surajo who went missing from her home in Kano and was yet to be found after two days (Read here). The good news is that Hafsat has been found and is home safe though the circumstances surrounding her disappearance is quite bizarre.

LIB spoke with a family member who revealed that Hafsat was found in a remote village called Gano which is miles away from Hafsat’s home. She was found by little boys wandering about alone in a remote farmland in Gano, Kano State. The young boys went on to report their findings to members of the community who then took Hafsat in and asked her a few questions.

From the answers they got from her, they were able to get her father’s phone number and they called him, asking if he has a daughter called Hafsat. Moments after the call, her father drove to Gano to get his daughter. She was reunited with her family yesterday, three days after she went missing.

When Hafsat was asked how she got to Gano, she revealed that she does not know how she found herself there. Recall that we had earlier reported that a family member said she had complained of being ill.

When LIB asked our source from her family if her disappearance had anything to do with her being ill, he explained that she is very healthy now and that there was no sign of abuse on Hafsat. He says no one understands what exactly happened, how she went missing from home or how she landed in a far away village.
“They told us that some small boys found her in one farm area, walking about. When the small boys asked her, she said she does not know where to go, so they reported her to the community,” the source told LIB.
He continued,
“Nobody can tell you what happened or how she left. Even she does not know what happened to her, but we are happy that she’s fine now. She’s very fine. She’s well.”


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