We have affordable educational opportunities for Nigerians – Netherlands

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The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Nigeria, Amb. John Groffen, on Tuesday enjoined Nigerians to avail themselves of the affordable educational opportunities in his country.

Groffen told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos on the sidelines of the first “Study in Holland Education Fair,’’ that many internationally-recognised Dutch universities were willing to admitNigerians.

The Ambassador said that it was imperative for parents to realise the importance of sending their sons and daughters to Dutch universities for graduate and post-graduate studies.

“We have found that most Nigerian students wanting to study abroad do not always think of the huge educational opportunities that exist for them in Dutch universities.

“Nigerians have over these years continued to send their children to the UK., U.S., Canada and Australia.

“We really want Nigerians to know that there are qualitative,internationally-recognised and affordable universities for them in the Netherlands,’’ he said.

Groffen said that there were currently about 2,300 English Language taught courses in different Dutch universities that would be of benefit to Nigerian students.

The Ambassador said that the first Education Fair was organised in Lagos, to expose more Nigerians to the current existing educational opportunities for them in Dutch universities.

“We currently have about 2,300 English Language taught courses in different Dutch universities.

“So, we think that the Netherlands is the place where Nigerian parents should be sending their children to for qualitative and affordable education, with international job opportunities after their graduation,’’ he added.

Around 100 schools offer Bilingual Education (Dutch/English) in the Netherlands.

This concept was first introduced in several high schools, but has found its way to the primary schools.

The aim of bilingual education in the Netherlands is for the students to obtain the same level of English as the native speakers of Great Britain.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands consists of four autonomous countries: the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao and St Maarten. The latter three are located in the Caribbean.

The country of the Netherlands consists of a territory in Europe and the islands of Bonaire, Saba and St Eustatius in the Caribbean.


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