Alysia Montano runs in 800m race while five months pregnant

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Alysia Montano

American runner Alysia Montano stole the headlines on Thursday at the USA Track and Field Championships despite not winning the race.

The 31-year-old athlete remarkably ran the two laps while five months pregnant with her second child, much to the delight of the crowd.

She finished more than 19 seconds behind the winner on Thursday in extreme heat, recording a time of 2 minutes, 21.40 seconds.

Alysia Montano

Montano, whose child is due in November, seemed to cherish the occasion as she was pictured finishing the race at the Hornet Stadium with a huge grin on her face while wearing a Wonder Woman top and a trademark flower in her hair.

Alysia Montano

However, this isn’t the first time she has done the extraordinary and competed while carrying a child.

Back in 2014, Montano ran in exactly the same race at the same championships while she was 34 weeks pregnant (eight months), finishing nearly 11 seconds slower.

‘Everyone is like, “Oh, you’re going to be faster than you were last time, because you’re less pregnant,”‘ said Montano on Thursday after the race, whose personal-best time is 1:57.34 set in 2010. ‘I’m like, “I’m still pregnant.”‘

Furthermore, Montano said she wasn’t worried about the extreme temperatures on Thursday as she hydrated before the race and stayed in the shade until it was time to take the track.

Following the race in Sacramento, Montano chased her two-year-old daughter around the track.

Alysia Montano


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