Floyd Mayweather checks into Rehab! Boxing legend relaxes at Las Vegas club ahead of Conor McGregor fight

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Floyd Mayweather has long predicted he will have no problem beating Conor McGregor – but even he could be taking it too easy.

The boxing legend checked into Las Vegas beach club Rehab on Sunday to enjoy some down time from training.

The venue, part of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino complex, will also host McGregor’s after party in the hours following his fight with Mayweather on August 26.

McGregor has been rocked by the premature departure of Paulie Malignaggi from his training camp.

The former two-time world champion left after pictures were posted by McGregor’s team which showed Malignaggi in an unfavourable light.

One showed him lying on the canvas and indicated that McGregor had knocked him down, but Malignaggi insisted he had been pushed.

The American has promised to tell his side of the story this week.

“He tweeted:”When I look back at the experience as a whole, not just sparring but as a whole, there was definitely an agenda beyond a shadow of a doubt.

” was me trying to do my best to make him seem like he’s making progress.

“Truthfully I was trying hard to not make him look bad but if you listen to me before, the praise is hollow, there wasn’t much substance to that praise.”

“This coming week I’ll actually start to discuss a bit what happened.”


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