WWE News: John Cena unveils who can actually retire him in a hilarious manner

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John Cena

What’s the story?

During a recent ‘undercover’ mission in a video for GQ, WWE superstar John Cena answered a question that many people have been wanting an answer to for quite some time – who should be the man to retire Big Match John from in-ring competition? The results were predictably silly.

In case you didn’t know…

The retirement of John Cena has been a hotly debated topic for a while now, as more and more fans are anticipating the end of the road for the 16-time World Champion.

Cena still seems to be in phenomenal shape despite his age, but given his many injuries throughout his career, it may not be too long until he calls it a day.

The heart of the matter

In an amusing response to the aforementioned question on Reddit, Cena made the following statement.

“I’d like to think that I could do that under my own accord. Unless we could get a suitable substitute. Will Ferrell. Or Jason Statham. Channing Tatum would be a good choice, too. I think. Tina Fey. She’d be a good one to retire me. Alec Baldwin as well. I could—actually, now I have a long list of people.”

What’s next?

It’s unlikely that we’ll get a serious answer from Cena on this issue because he clearly feels like he has many more years left in the business.

We can only respect him for that and look forward to his upcoming match against Rusev, which could give us a big indication as to what his plans are going to be for SummerSlam this year and beyond.

Author’s take

Nakamura vs Cena would be a great match to end Cena’s career, but it honestly feels like we’re still a good three to four years away from that. At that point, Cena will be firmly established as an old school veteran, and he can return to put someone over just like The Rock did with Mr Fruity Pebbles himself.


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